Jahazi Vol 4: Translating Knowledge:
Tributes & Remembering


 This issue of Jahazi remembers its founding Editor-in-Chief, Bantu Mwaura. It reflects on a life, and legacy cut tragically short. A life, moreover, that demonstrated a rare passion and an engagement with the pressing concerns of the post-colonial Kenya state.

Editorial Board

Mueni Lundi,
Kwamchetsi Makokha,
Kimani Njogu,
Pat Kamau,
Joyce Kimani Njogu,
G. Oluoch-Olunya


Issue Editor: Garnette Oluoch-Olunya

Design & Layout: Victor Gitonga Twenty Twenty Design

Cover Illustration: Paul Kalemba (Maddo)



    • E. S. Atieno Odhiambo and the Revisioning of Conventional Approaches to African History by James Ogude
    • Language of Tribe by Sitawa Namwalie
    • Golgotha: Through his words by Amelia Shaw
    • Towards a New Paradigm of Social Science in Kenya by Mwendwa Ntarangwi
    • The Bantu Interview by Doreen Strauhs
    • A Gifted Almost Fifty by Sitawa Namwalie
    • Over my Shoulder by David Cohen
    • Prison Reform through Dramatherapy by Alice Nderitu
    • Performance Scholar Extraordinaire: Honouring ‘Mwalimu’ by Mshai Mwangola
    • ‘Training Thinkers, Not Clerical Officers’ by Karega Munene
    • Hamba Kahle, Bantu Mwaura! by Onyango Oloo
    • Dangerous Abroad by Sitawa Namwalie
    • Mtoto wa Mtaa by Egara Kabaji
    • Translating Postcolonial Africa: literature, gender, (m)other tongue by Evan Mwangi
    • Quintessential Scholar by Milcah Amolo Achola
    • Banking on Writing by Kinyanjui Kombani
    • Land of Guiltless Natives by Sitawa Namwalie
    • The Agrarian Question, Ethnicity & Politics in Kenya, 1955-1993 — ES Atieno Odhiambo
  • Dancing to the Donor’s Tune — Bantu Mwaura