Jahazi Vol 6:Reflections on Culture, Arts & the Constitution of Kenya


This issue of Jahazi discusses identity and culture through the lens of the Constitution of Kenya. From food production to traditional knowledge, from music to nation-formation and from policy to a gripping book review, we see the importance of culture in this issue of Jahazi.

Editorial Board

Mueni Lundi,
Kwamchetsi Makokha,
Kimani Njogu,
G. Oluoch-Olunya

Issue Editor: G. Oluoch-Olunya & Mueni Lundi

Design & Layout: Victor Gitonga Twenty Twenty Design

Photography: Henry Omondi

Art: Paul Abwao


    • Word from the Publisher by Kimani Njogu


    • Ceding Culture? Securing Seeds and Plant Varieties by Dorothy Muthini, The Food Alliance


    • Breaking it Down: The Protection of Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Expressions Act by Marisella Ouma


    • Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Expressions: Caught Up in the Act by Nelson Tunoi


    • Towards a National Intellectual Property Policy in Kenya by Victor Nzomo and Isaac Rutenberg


    • A Creative Commons: Sharing What you Own by Alex Gakuru


    • Culture in the Counties: Artivism at Work by Kimani wa Wanjiru


    • The Kenya Cultural Center/National Theatre: Relocating Culture by Aghan Odero


    • Popular Music and the Challenges of Freedom of Expression in Kenya by Mwenda Ntarangwi


    • Imagining the Nation by Maina Mutonya


    • Ethnicity and Nationhood: Sliding Down the Trodden Path by P Anyang’ Nyong’o


    • Memory, Identity and Pluralism in Kenya’s Constitution Building Process by Zein Abubakar


    • Excerpt: Dust by Yvonne A Owuor


    • Book Review: Memory, Alienation and a Particular Yearning: A Review of MG Vassanji’s Nostalgia by Godwin Siundu