Jahazi Vol 10: Reclaiming Our Cultural Heritage


This Pan-African edition of Jahazi tackles head-on recent debates and discussions around the restitution of cultural heritage stolen from the African continent and the global south in general.

The title of the Issue, Reclaiming Our Cultural Heritage, infers that the global south is, and should actively seek return of its looted heritage currently held in museums and private collections in Europe and America

Editorial Board

Mueni Lundi,
Faith Oneya,
Caroline Mose,
Irene Cege

Issue Editor: Mueni Lundi


Design & Layout: Victor Gitonga Twenty Twenty Design


Photography: Front Cover Photos from Allan Donovan Collection-Paul Ekhaba


Cartoons: Victor Ndula & Masoud Kipanya


    • Restitution of Mozambican Cultural Heritage: Image as Collective Memory by Marillo Wane
    • Returning the Vigango: Repatriation Within Postcolonial Spaces of Trade and Capitalism by Nancy Ngowa
    • Karambu Ole Senteu and His Spear: Reclaiming the (His)Story of Maa Colonial Resistance by Nampaiyo Koriata
    • “What Are You Doing With My Grandfather’s Skull?” A Conversation with Isaria Anaeli Meli bin Mandara by Valence Valerian Meriki Silayo
    • Zambia’s Fight for the Broken Hill Man Skull: Repatriating Identities, Histories and Sciences by Benedict Tembo
    • German Colonialism and Trading in African Skull: The Case of Chief Hassan Omar Makunganya of Kilwa Tanzania by Nancy Rushohora
    • The Displacement of NOK Art and Its Implications on Nigerian Heritage by Benmun Damul and Deborah Gideon Kassam
    • The Egyptian Queen Nerfetiti: Presiding over Berlin in Forced Exile by Mohanad Elsangary
    • The Amulet of Forgetting: We Cannot Forget and We Cannot Forgive by Madina Yéhouêtomè, Sara Tassi & Saskia Cousin
    • Looted Treasures of Maqdala Trickle Back: Signs of Things to Come? by Shiferaw Tadesse
    • Bring Back the Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom Instruments of Power by Kiiza Wilson
    • Ndoome: The Tale of the Agikuyu Dancing Shield of Identity and Unity by Njeri Gachihi
    • Cultural Restitution in Egypt: Past and Present Legal Frameworks by Mohanad Elsangary
    • Morocco’s Offer: A ‘Museum of the Continen’s Culture’ by Oumar Baldé
    • Les algériens attendet le retour du <<Canon Baba Merzoug >> â Alger après |9| ans de sa déportation en France by Khaled Aboubaker
      English Version: The Algerians 9 year wait for the Return of Baba Merzou Cannon by Khaled Aboubaker
    • Kiti Cha Enzi: Restoring the Stately Seat to its Former Glory by Trizah Thuku
    • Of Scattered Ranks: North Africa Struggles to Recover its Cultural Property by Oumar Baldé
    • Egypt’s Rosetta Stone: Defacing Histories by Rachel Diang’a and Khaled Mekkawy
    • The Bunyoro Knife and Scars of Colonialism by Kalundi Serumanga
    • Babukusu Claims for Reparation: The Case of Lumboka Massacre of 1894 by Mercyline Juma
    • What Does Restitution Mean in Francophone Postcolony? Reflections from Senegal by Helene Quashie
    • Après la restitution: l’objet-patrimoine entre savoir sur le monde et désir de possession by El Hadji Malick Ndiaye
      English version: After Restitution: The Heritage Object Between Knowledge of the World and Desire for Possession by El Hadji Malick Ndiaye
    • La France refuse de restituer ses butins de guerre dépotrés d’Algérie by Khaled Aboubaker
      English version: France Refuses to Return its Spoils of War from Algeria by Khaled Aboubaker
    • Impediments to Africa’s Push for Restoration of its Cultural Artefacts: The Case of Nigeria by Rachel Diang’a and Olakris Akinola
    • Efforts and Gains in the Restitution of Ethiopia’s Cultural Heritage by Shiferaw Tadesse
    • Repatriation as a Form of Restitution: A Debate on Early Recordings of Traditional Music & Dance from East Africa by Kahithe Kiiru