Jahazi Vol 1:Building Bridges


 This first issue of Jahazi focuses on what seems to be the natural place to re-enter that space, building bridges. Building bridges between generations, amongst cultural and artistic views, linking practice and theory in the arts, connecting cultures and valorising diversity… in short creating a forum where the arts, culture and performance can converge and share and engage and consult and yes… grow!

Editorial Board

Garnette Oluoch-Olunya
Pat Kamau
Mueni Lundi
Kwamchetsi Makokha
Kimani Njogu
Joyce Njoki Kimani
Bantu Mwaura


Issue Editor: Bantu Mwaura

Design & Layout: Victor Gitonga Twenty Twenty Design

Photography: Gakunju Kaigwa



    • Envoicing Africa by Alamin Mazrui


    • The Age of Diop by Garnette Oluoch-Olunya


    • A Critic Reminisces by Wakanyote Njuguna


    • Manufacturing Belief, Performing Life by Bantu Mwaura


    • Villager Comes to the City by Mari-Djata Amadi kwaa Atsiaya


    • Accentuating FM Radio by Christopher Odhiambo Joseph

    • Music Festival’s Evolution by Peter Kimani

    • Creating A Counter Culture Through Theatre by Kawive, Wambua

    • Benga ni Damu yake D.O. Misiani by Bantu Mwaura

    • Capturing Character and Mood in Sculpture. Pictures by Gakunju Kaigwa, Text by Bantu Mwaura

    • Sigana kama daraja Na Mari-Djata Amadi kwaa Atsiaya

    • Skilled Talent vs. Talented Skill by George Vikiru

    • Aliens at Home by Elizabeth Orchardson-Mazrui

    • Kimathi’s Jacket by Kwamchetsi Makokha

    • A Pioneer of the Pen by Kimani Njogu

    • The Artists Act Back by Chomba Njeru

    • The Theatre Company Trains by Keith Person

    • Moulding the GoDown by Joy Mboya

    • Africa Films Speak by Bantu Mwaura

    • Separating We by Wanuri Kahiu