Jahazi Vol 9: Arts & Culture in the Time of Covid-19


This Issue is devoted to reflections on COVID-19. We discuss the role of the artist and the changes in the creative sector.

Editorial Board

Mueni Lundi,
Faith Oneya

Irene Cege

J.K.S. Makokha

Advisory Board

Advisory Board:
G Oluoch-Olunya

Kahithe Kiiru

Mwenda Ntarangwi

Issue Editor: Caroline Mose

Design & Layout: Victor Gitonga Twenty Twenty Design

Cartoons: G Mwampembwa (Gaddo)


    • From the Editor by Caroline Mose

    • From the Publisher by Kimani Njogu

    • Culture and the Arts in Pandemic Times: Challenges and Opportunities by Austin Bukenya

    • Song of Meheret: The Pandemic in Ethiopia through an Artist’s Eyes by Mercy Wambui

    • Reflections on COVID-19 and Spirituality in Kenya by Mwenda Ntarangwi

    • COVID-19 Blessings for Breastfeeding Working Mothers by Florence Sipalla

    • Is Kenya Arts Community Avoiding the E-Word by Wandia Njoya

    • The Art of Resilience by Suzanne Mieko

    • Safeguarding a Creative and Cultural Moment: Reflections on the Impact of COVID-19 on Africa’s Creative Sector by George Gachara

    • COVID-19 and the Digital Divide: Nanjira Sambuli in conversation with Jahazi

    • Personal Reflections: How COVID-19 Has Changed Artistic Expression by Jill Namatasi

    • Entertainment and Culture in Corona Times by Joyce Nyairo

    • The Currency of Exposure for Artists in the Wake of COVID-19 by Faith Oneya

    • The Impact of COVID-19 Through the Eyes of Millennial Artists: Interview with Arafa Hamadi and Biko Wekesa by Kevin Mwachira

    • In Conversation with Visual Artist Elkana Ongesa: Interview by James Gitaka

    • Using our Traditions-a Herbal and Nutritional Guide for Kenyan Families by Trust for Indigenous Culture and Health (TICAH) by Kimani Njogu

    • The Artists Stimulus Programme: Cushioning the Cultural and Creative Industry Sector from the Adverse Effects of the Coronavirus Pandemic by Kiprop Lagat

    • Financing the Creative Sector by Roy Gitahi

    • Limiting Movement: COVID-19 and the Curfew by George Kegoro

    • Freedom of Expression in the Creative Space and the Rafiki Case by Judy Kibinge, Peter Mudamba, Ken Kigunda and Ray Odanga

    • Building Sustainable Theatre Ecosystems: Mapping the Theatre Sector in Kenya by Sheba Hirst, Wanjiku Mwawuganga, Miriam Kadzitu and Karishma Bhagani

  • ResiliArt Kenya: ‘Crafting and Reshaping the Creative Economy for Resilience and Sustainability in the Context of COVID-19 by G Oluoch-Olunya