Jahazi Vol 2: Articulating Identities


 In this Issue Jahazi focuses on the question of identity and raises questions about how Africans in various places continue to negotiate their own identities within the ever changing political, economic, cultural and global spaces.


The Issue examines the centrality of culture and the arts in negotiating identity; from music, theatre and film to language, poetry and the visual arts

Editorial Board

Garnette Olunya
Pat Kamau
Mueni Lundi
Kwamchetsi Makokha
Kimani Njogu
Joyce Njoki Kimani
Bantu Mwaura

Issue Editor: Bantu Mwaura
Design & Layout: Victor Gitonga Twenty Twenty Design

Cartoons Courtesy of: Maddo, Gaddo & Frank Odoi


    • Honouring National Heroes: An Artist’s Diary by Terry Hirst
    • Scaling ‘The Summit’: A Presenter Remembers by John Sibi-Okumu
    • Africa’s Identity Crisis: The Challenges of Encroaching Americanization by Gilbert Muyumbu
    • Exactly Who is A Kenyan by Rasna Warah
    • Ethnic Identity in Kenya: The Search for Ethnic Nationhood in a Cyber Age by Tom Odhiambo
    • Contested Identities in Matatu Art: ‘The Crank Ain’t Dead’ by Mbugua wa-Mungai
    • Media and the Growth of Kiswahili: Reflections and Challenges by Peter Mugambi
    • The Village Composer in the City: Continuance of a Tradition in a New Space by Emily Achieng’ Anuko
    • Mahewa: Negotiating Youth Identity Through Rap Music in Kenya by Peter Wafula Wekesa
    • Kenya Literary Scene and the Consciousness of Marginality by Doseline Kiguru
    • Is Lawino Dead? A Discourse on East African Aesthetics by Odoch Pido
    • Lawino is Alive and Well:A True-Life Epilogue by Donna Pido
    • The Changing Face of Tanzanian Theatre: The Impact of Market Economy on Tanzanian Rural Theatre by Frowin Paul Nyoni
    • Marketing Africa’s Identity: Towards and Arts and Culture Market in Africa by Mwalimu George Ngwane
    • The Only Way Out is In: Identity and Politics of the Body by Suki Mwendwa
    • The Art of Play: The Search of Beauty and Identity through Physical Activity by Mwangi Peter Wanderi
    • Tuzipe Simulize Zetu. Uchambuzi wa Kizuizini na Simiyu Barasa
    • Tracking the Psyche of the Nation: A Psychoanalytic Reading of John Sibi-Okumu’s ‘Role Play’ by Fred Mbogo
    • Old Stereotypes, New Robes.The Constant Gardener (2005): A review by Grace Musila
    • Commodification of Things African by Sidney Kasfir
    • Installations for Plunder: The Facade of Political Installations and the Misappropriations of Power by Egara Kabaji